"Behind every movie is a personal story and we find a way to tell it to the world."

Tatti (in developement)

a film by Ruedi Gerber

TATTI explores the soul of a small village in southern Tuscany, the Maremma. Wild boar hunting, depopulation, refugees, the art of cooking and the attempt to practice sustainable agriculture. For almost thirty years the director Ruedi Gerber has known the people in this remote village, where he has also partially settled. In the film he depicts in a poetic way the everyday struggle for dignity and meaning in a landscape where nature sets the rhythm. A foreign life in which he participates himself.

TBA | Documentary
Dialogue: Italian
Subtitles: English

Directed by: Ruedi Gerber
Producer: Ruedi Gerber
Cinematography: Felix von Muralt
Editing: Aline Hervé