"Behind every movie is a personal story and we find a way to tell it to the world."

Who we are 

Our vision is to capture the heart and soul of the audience with moving images and personal stories. We address socially important topics with a personal connection to the filmmakers who contribute their ideas and have something to tell. We want to establish ourselves internationally as a source of high quality and unique film projects. These will not only entertain, but also inspire, encourage and transform the world into a better, empathetic and open-minded place. To achieve this, we combine talent, knowledge and a great deal of creative potential, which becomes visible and accessible in unforgettable film moments.

Team Zürich

Giacun Caduff
Producer / CEO
Vanessa Krummenacher
Production Manager / Producer
Vanja Tognola
Assistant (Editor / Office)

Our mission is to use our strong resources, creativity and technical skills to make projects accessible to the public as unique cinematic experiences on various platforms. We are driven by our passion for films. With the filmmakers and their stories at the center, we can simultaneously promote and challenge, while realizing ambitious goals in a highly competitive environment. With an efficient team, a solid network and a focus on talent, we translate our diverse ideas into moving images in a well-founded and timely manner.

Members of the Board

Thomas Eberle, Ruedi Gerber (President), Ricarda Lohner, Xavier Koller

ZAS Film AG is a film production company founded by director and producer Ruedi Gerber in 1992. Located in Zurich and with a base in New York, ZAS Film has been developing and producing socially and politically engaged international feature and documentary films about art, the environment and human perceptions.


Binzstrasse 23 | CH-8045 Zürich
Tel +41 43 521 53 70