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Breath Made Visible

a film by Ruedi Gerber

Over the past seventy years, Anna Halprin has redefined our notions of modern dance. Breath Made Visible is the first feature documentary about the life and career of this pioneer of 20th-century American dance. The film ranges from Halprin’s initial explorations of dance during her childhood and her experimental performances on a stage under Californian redwoods to her spectacular European tours, her withdrawal owing to illness and her triumphant comeback at the age of 80. Previously unreleased archival footage expands the scope of this portrait of an artist to get at the core of socially and politically engaged modern dance in North America. 

At the heart of the film, however, is Anna's relationship to her husband, world-renowned architect Lawrence Halprin (Roosevelt Memorial) . Like Anna’s work itself, the film transcends the medium of dance to become a universal story about survival and artistic expression.

Festivals and Awards
Locarno Filmfestival Semaine de la Critique 2009
Mill Valley Filmfestival 2009 Audience Award "Certifcate of Excellence"
International Cinema Release 2010

2020 | Switzerland | 80min. | Documentary
Dialogue: Swiss German, French, German
Subtitles: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano

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Anna Halprin, Lawrence Halprin, Merce Cunningham, A.A. Leath, John Graham

Directed by: Ruedi Gerber
Producer: Ruedi Gerber, Mike King
Cinematography: Adam Teichman
Editing: Françoise Dumoulin, C. Peters
Sound Editing: Margaret Crimmins
Rerecording Sound Mix: Tony Volante
Music: Mario Grigorov